Watch the 2-part series “Regulatory Science: East Asian Perspectives” by Drs. Pacifici and Church

Department Chair Dr. Eunjoo Pacifici and Associate Director of Undergraduate Education Dr. Terry Church gave the two-part seminar series, which was developed as a collaborative project between the USC East Asian Studies Center and the Department of Regulatory and Quality Sciences.

The series is titled “Regulatory Science: East Asian Perspectives”.   As developers, manufacturers, and consumers of regulated products, East Asia plays a prominent role in all facets of the area of Regulatory Science. In the first webinar session for the series, they focused on “Drugs in COVID Times” and examined the role of East Asia in global drug development. The second seminar examined Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which is commonly practiced in China and other Asian countries, based on traditions that go back thousands of years. In most Western countries, TCM gets labeled as Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) and typically viewed as supplemental to conventional medical practices. Some products are regulated as food or dietary supplements while others are developed as drugs.

Click an image below to watch each video.

  • Regulatory Science: East Asian Perspective
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine as Food