Fun and Educational: Nutrilite and Clinical Trials Unit Tours

Summerfest 2019 students were brimming with adventure for informative tours to round out their experience. A large group trekked to Buena Park where Nutrilite has been in operation for over 80 years. Other students stayed local and toured the USC Clinical Trials Unit.

Nutrilite’s informative tour supervisor Bob Tully, Guest Experience and Tours, led the students through the Research and Development and Quality Control Laboratories to learn about the company’s history, agricultural growing process, and how scientists develop and manufacture minerals, vitamins and dietary supplements.

The CTU tour was led by Clinical and Translational Science Institute staff at the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center. The CTU facilitates study visits ranging from low to high complexity and assists investigators with operational aspects of research studies. Students observed the outpatient clinic rooms at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit and Specimen Processing Center which contains dedicated laboratory space where specimens are received and processed.

Summerfest students ended the tour with a truly multicultural expression of gratitude: dhanywad, xiè xie, gamsahamnida, thank you!

Summerfest 2019 photo album can be found here.

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Highlight posted on July 27th, 2019