Summerfest 2019, Student Presentations

Summerfest class curriculum incorporates student presentations as a professional development tool and an opportunity to learn and exchange experiences among the international cohort. Research topics were current, insightful and provided depth on global perspectives on topics ranging from orphan drugs, multi-region clinical trials, risk management, pharmacovigilance, gene therapy and generic drug approval, among others. In response to great public demand and a new investment boom topical issues included the online potential and operating models of e-pharmacy and health insurance systems and drug reimbursement. The evolving global landscape of medical insurance and access to drugs could well be a driver for separating medical care from medicine.

It was great to see the diverse team make-up, addressing the topics as they related to their specific countries regulations as evidenced by faculty comments:

“It is amazing to see the collaborative spirit of our Summerfest students.  These international teams worked hard in a short period of time to examine various regulatory science topics and create impressive presentations to share their findings.”

“The students came well-prepared. The slides were well done.  Easy to read, with the right amount of text balanced with graphs, figures and diagrams.”

Summerfest 2019 photo album can be found here.

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Highlight posted on July 23rd, 2019