Remarkable at Any Rate

We look forward to seeing all our student team members in person when it is prudent to do so. Congratulations to all for submitting your outstanding research to the Undergraduate Symposium for Scholarly and Creative Work. Student led research by Sunyoung (Stacy) Uhm received Honorable Mention under the Social Sciences 1 (Applied, Analytical) category. Congratulations Stacy! To view the student ePoster click the title links below.

Carly Yang: “Antidepressants among Special and Vulnerable Populations: Examining Clinical Trials for Generalizability of Findings”

Cecilia Nguyen: “Representation of Race and Ethnicity in Clinical Trials for Pediatric Mental Health Disorders”

Christian Reyes: “Building a Platform for Developing & Disseminating Plain Language Summaries”

Emily Donahue: “Barriers to Diabetes Technology in Low-Income Patients”

Erica Lee: “Examining the Scientific and Regulatory Basis of Treatments for Muscle Cramps”

Griffin Riggs: “Youth Nicotine Addiction: Strategic Regulation Defiance by the Disposable Electronic Delivery System (ENDS) Industry”

Kelsey Genda: “Therapeutic Claims and Quality Issues Posed by Dietary Supplements”

Omer Baker: “Review of Government-Sponsored Studies and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Guidance for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testings, Treatments, and Vaccines”

Stacy Uhm: “Chronically Left Out – Lack of Patient Diversity in Chronic Disease Clinical Trials in Los Angeles”

Highlight posted on May 4, 2021