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Commencements and ReceptionsRegSci Graduate

Spring 2020 Congrats Grad Students video

Spring 2020 Congrats Undergrads video

Spring 2019 Commencement – Doctoral, Masters and Undergrads!
Spring 2018 Commencement – RegSci grads prep and candids!
Spring 2017 RegSci Reception & Ceremony
Spring 2016
RegSci Reception
Spring 2016
Spring 2015
Reception & Commencement
Spring 2014
RegSci Reception
Spring 2013
RegSci Reception
Spring 2012
RegSci Reception
Spring 2011
Reception & Commencement
Spring 2010
Reception & Commencement


Hollywood Bowl fireworksEvents


Honoring D.K. Kim and the naming of the D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science, plus celebrating 10 years of the RegSci Doctoral program!

View our special RegSci birthdays photo gallery:
“We Love Cake (& Pie)!”
Moving Targets 2020
RegSci Holiday Party 2019
Boot camp: Legal Aspects of Clinical Trials
Moving Targets 2019
Summerfest 2019
Boot camp:  Clinical Trials with Medical Devices
Career Event, Spring 2019
Boot camp: “Patient-Centered Drug Development & Real World Evidence/Data”
Boot camp: Pharmacovigilance & Safety Reporting
Summerfest 2018
Boot camp: Regulatory Aspects of Clinical Trial Design
Best of Summerfest 2017!
Boot camp:  Emerging Technologies
Career Event, Spring 2017
Boot camp:  “Special Populations”
2016 Year In Review!
Professional Development Workshop, Fall 2016
Boot camp: “GCP: Monitoring and Auditing”
AGRE Meeting, Fall 2016
Summerfest 2016
Career Event, Spring 2016
Boot camp: “Clinical Trial Start-up”
BioBrew, Spring 2016
Boot camp: “Clinical Trials Hurdles”
BioBrew, Fall 2015
Boot camp: “Regulation of Complex Biologics”
SummerFest 2015
Career Event, Spring 2015
IRSS Fall 2014 “Exploring China”
IRSS Summer 2014 “Collaborate, Innovate, Globalize”
Career Event, Spring 2014



Great Wall of ChinaInternational Travel & Scholars


USC in Taiwan – Medical Device Development, Winter 2020
DRSc cruise, Fall 2018
Chinese scholars, Fall 2018
Asia trip, Fall 2018
Chinese scholars, Fall 2017
Asia trip, Fall 2017
Russian delegation, Summer 2017
Chinese scholars, Spring/Summer 2017
Columbia visit, December 2016
DRSc Cruise 2016
Chinese Scholars, Summer 2016
2015 International Scholars Farewell Lunch
Chinese scholars, Fall 2015
Asia trip, Fall 2015
Int’l Scholars, Summer 2015
Int’l Scholar farewell Christmas party 2014
Asia trip, Fall 2014
DRSc cruise, Fall 2014
Europe trip, Spring 2014
Chinese scholars, Spring 2014
Chinese scholars, Fall 2013
Holiday lunch Dec. 2013
Europe trip, Spring 2012
Asia trip, Fall 2011
Asia trip, Fall 2009
Europe trip, Spring 2009