Pooja Singh: 2020 Graduate Rewarded for Talent and Hard Work

Pooja Singh, #2020trojans, graduates today with a major in Pharmacology and Drug Development. While it is not the graduation any of us had in mind, her virtual graduation comes with added joy. Alongside the awarding of two bachelor’s degrees, Pooja has earned a number of very prestigious accolades that are some of the most prominent designations an undergraduate could be given at graduation. Pooja has been named a Renaissance Scholar which recognizes undergraduate students who have excelled in their studies while completing a major and two minors (Business Finance and Natural Science) in widely separated fields of study, a Discovery Scholar (and prize!) which recognizes undergraduate students who have excelled in their studies while demonstrating an ability to create exceptional new scholarship or artistic works, and the Order of Troy, awarded to those who have distinguished themselves beyond their peers in at least one facet of university life and have made notable contributions to the university community as active leaders or critical contributors in service to peers, the university community or the world at large.

Pooja utilized scholastic achievement, research interests, and her unique imagination to truly flourish as a student at USC.  She has demonstrated outstanding scholarship, creativity in research, and great leadership skills.  Her professors agreed that Pooja was the kind of student who asked thoughtful questions, participated in discussions frequently, and had an eagerness to learn new things.  Simply, Pooja embodies the best qualities of undergraduate scholarship.  Congratulations Pooja and best of luck pursuing a PharmD degree at USC and in all future endeavors!  Fight on!

Highlight posted on May 15, 2020