Take a Look: Dr. Pire-Smerkanich on Editorial Board of Regulatory Rapporteur

Nancy Pire-Smerkanich

Kudos to Dr. Smerkanich who now sits on the Editorial Board of the Regulatory Rapporteur. Her very first “assignment” was to co-edit the November 2020 North American edition. In addition to the editorial, Dr. Smerkanich wrote an article, “FDA issues guidance for 2017 final rule on penalties related to Clinicaltrials.gov database.” Additional articles in the journal editions are an update on FDA modernization activities, a piece on Regulatory Intelligence, and a report on the Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society Combination Products meeting. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Smerkanich; your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring!  To view above referenced articles please click here. Highlight posted on October 26, 2020