NEW! Undergrad Major and Minor!

Man & woman at fountainUndergraduate courses in pharmacology and drug development

The USC School of Pharmacy offers courses on the University Park Campus (UPC) that can be taken alone or built into a major, Pharmacology and Drug Development or one of two minors: Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics or Foundation in Regulatory Sciences.

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmacology and Drug Development and minors in Science and Management of Biomedical Therapeutics and Foundation in Regulatory Sciences, provide a path for students to gain significant knowledge in pharmacology, toxicology and medical product development. Completion of the major will better prepare USC undergraduates for advanced clinical training in health-related fields including pharmacy, medicine, and dentistry and provide foundational education for students to pursue careers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutics and biomedical industries. Courses will also introduce students related to drug and device development and will include topics and case studies related to the regulatory challenges associated with these processes.

A number of RXRS courses at the 400 level may be eligible for graduate credit.  Please check with your home department.

Eligible undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for the university’s Progressive Degree Program (PDP) to pusue a USC master’s degree in Regulatory Science or Management of Drug Development.

For more information, please contact Dr. Randa Issa: or 323-442-2018

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