Master of Science in Regulatory Science

The STEM designated Master of Science in Regulatory Science is an intensive, interdisciplinary degree program designed to produce graduates whose backgrounds in biological, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences are enhanced by the knowledge and skills needed to manage regulated biomedical products.

The USC Regulatory Science curriculum will expose you to the latest trends in domestic and global regulation as well as quality practices in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries. In class, you will use real-world examples and projects to gain greater knowledge of the foundations of regulatory, quality, and clinical sciences. You will also come to understand the complexities of blending engineering, pharmaceutical, and regulatory sciences on a global scale.

You will be taking classes with recent college graduates, individuals with other advanced degrees, and professionals currently working in regulatory, quality or clinical capacities. Similarly, all of our faculty and guest speakers are subject matter experts and have extensive industry experience.

Our students, guest speakers, and faculty come from all over the world, enhancing your networking opportunities. Each class leverages the knowledge and expertise of individuals from a wide range of professional backgrounds, including regulatory affairs, quality assurance and control, clinical research and trials, medical affairs, research and development, pharmacovigilance, marketing, and sales from biotechnology, medical device, and pharmaceutical companies.

Your educational and professional goals come first. You can start or end the program in any semester (Fall, Spring or Summer), all courses meet on the weekends (about once a month), and each course can be completed online if needed.

Courses are offered on weekends to accommodate working professionals and can be attended online for those looking to complete their studies from outside of the Los Angeles area. Students set their own pace, taking as many courses as they wish to take each semester.

Career support is offered to all students and alumni, including recruitment events, career fairs and regular distribution of job postings from companies nationally and internationally. Recruiters are aware of the reputation of our alumni and are eager to hire our graduates.

Admission Information

Curriculum and Degree Requirements