MS in Management of Drug Development



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Drug development brings together chemical evolution, implementation of quality systems and testing in animals and people. In this program, students learn to manage various aspects of this complex path. They are equipped to deal with good laboratory and clinical processes, and to facilitate development of drugs from the perspective of project management. Students find they can still enjoy the intellectual challenge of science but in a different, more team oriented role.

The MS program in the Management of Drug Development (MDD) at USC is a novel degree program of 32 units, designed for students with a background in preclinical biological and pharmaceutical science. It aims at producing entry- and mid-level practitioners with the knowledge and skills appropriate for professional practice in translational research, with particular emphasis on the area of transition between early stage preclinical drug discovery and clinical drug development. This area, commonly referred to as the “valley of death,” represents one of the most challenging and important areas in translational research, yet programs designed to train and educate future translational science leaders are lacking.

Career support is offered to all students and alumni, including recruitment events, career fairs and regular distribution of job postings from companies nationally and internationally. Recruiters are aware of the reputation of our alumni, and are eager to hire our graduates.

Program Structure

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