MS in Medical Product Quality




Lab notebooksBeginning in spring 2016, our newest MS degree in Medical Product Quality will offer advanced preparation for careers in this fast-growing field for which the biomedical industry and government cannot find enough highly-trained personnel.

Professionals working in quality assurance and quality control are responsible for the testing and oversight required to ensure the safety of healthcare products. Students learn about the regulations and guidelines that ensure the quality of drugs, biologics and medical devices in the US and internationally, and how to apply this knowledge in the ever-expanding field of medical product development and manufacturing. They develop an understanding of the basic principles essential for the interpretation and implementation of quality practices and quality systems.

The MS program in Medical Product Quality (MPQ) at USC is a 32 unit degree designed for students with a background in biological, pharmaceutical and biomedical sciences and biomedical engineering. The goal of the program is to train students in the theory behind current and future regulations which impact product quality, and to provide real-life practical tools they will use in their industry careers.

Courses are offered on weekends to accommodate working professionals. Students set their own pace, taking as many courses as they wish to take each semester.

We offer career support to all students and alumni, including recruitment events, career fairs and regular distribution of job postings from companies nationally and internationally. Recruiters are aware of the reputation of our alumni, and are eager to hire our graduates.

Required Coursework

Core Competencies