Regulatory Science Doctoral Dissertations

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From our Graduates:

  • Dr. Susan Bain, Dissertation: “Regulatory” Due Diligence: A Survey Investigation of Best Practices in the Medical Products Industry
  • Dr. Tony Chan, Dissertation: Implementation of Risk Management in Medical Device Companies: A Survey Analysis of Current Practices
  • Dr. Terry Church, Dissertation: Continuity Management in Biobank Operations: A Survey of Biobank Professionals
  • Dr. Kwabena Dankwah, Dissertation: Considerations for Social Media Promotion of Regulated Products
  • Dr. Patrick Raul Dimapindan, Dissertation: An Integrated Framework to Evaluate Customer Service Delivery: A Study of Electronic Systems at FDA’s Los Angeles Import Operations Branch
  • Dr. Clare Elser, Dissertation:  Validation Master Plans: A Study of the Progress of Implementation Within the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr. Grant Griffin, Dissertation: Sharing the Results Of Clinical Trials: Industry Views On Disclosure Of Data From Industry-Sponsored Clinical Research
  • Dr. Michael Jamieson, Dissertation: The Role of Universities in the Commercialization of Medical Products: A Survey of Industry Views
  • Dr. William Leitner, Dissertation: The Impact of the FDA on Advisory Panel Outcomes: A Survey of Industry Views
  • Dr. David Locke, Dissertation: Reprocessing of Single-use Medical Devices: A Survey Investigation Comparing the Views of Three Unheard Stakeholders
  • Dr. Duane Mauzey, Dissertation: Current Practices in Pharmaceutical Container Closure Development
  • Dr. Richard Haven McCall, Dissertation: Risk Management Approaches and Standards Used in US Hospitals: A Survey of Industry Views
  • Dr. Cesar Medina, Dissertation: Incentivizing Quality in the Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Drugs: Manufacturers’ Views on Quality Ratings
  • Dr. Caroline Mosessian, Dissertation: Value Based Purchasing:  Decision-Making Processes Underlying Hospital Acquisitions of Orthopedic Devices
  • Dr. Darin Oppenheimer, Dissertation: Risk Management & Medical Device Recalls:  A Survey of Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Dr. Nancy Pire-Smerkanich, Dissertation: Benefit-Risk Frameworks:  Benefits-Risk Frameworks: Implementation by Industry
  • Dr. JoAnn Pfeiffer, Dissertation: The Role of the Academic Investigator in the Review and Negotiation of the Clinical Trial Agreement: A Survey of Investigators’ Knowledge, Engagement and Motivation
  • Dr. Susan Valerie Ramsey, Dissertation: The Impact of Incomplete Monographs on the OTC Drug Industry: A Survey Investigation of Industry Views
  • Dr. Ali Reza Rejaei, Dissertation: Establishing Clinical Efficacy of Botanical Products: A Survey of Industry Views
  • Dr. Taranjit Singh Samra, Dissertation: Software Risk Management: An Exploration of Software Life Cycle Methodologies, Best Practices and Tools for their Application to Medical Device Software Risk Management
  • Dr. Martin Solberg, Dissertation: A Survey Analysis of Transparency in Three Asian Regulatory Agencies Responsible for Medical Products
  • Dr. Chin-Wei Soo, Dissertation: Convergence of United States Regulatory and Reimbursement Policies Impacting Patient Access to Humanitarian Use Devices
  • Dr. Neal E. Storm, Dissertation: Regulatory Dissonance in the Global Development of Drug Therapies:  A Case Study of Drug Development in Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
  • Dr. Simone Turnbull, Dissertation: Regulating Cosmeceuticals in the United States: A Cosmetic Industry View
  • Dr. Ellen Whalen, Dissertation: Clinical Trials Driven by Investigator-Sponsors GCP Compliance With or Without Previous Industry Sponsorship

From our Doctoral Candidates: 

  • Alicia Baker: Challenges in the Implementation of Risk Evaluation Mitigation Strategies (REMS): A Survey of Industry Views
  • Grant Dagliyan: Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations for Positron Emission Tomography Radiopharmaceuticals: Challenges and Opportunities Perceived by Imaging Thought Leaders
  • Aimee Greco: Implementation of Unique Device Identification in the Medical Device Industry: A Survey of the Change Management Experience
  • Catherine Sheehan: Barriers To Global Harmonization Of Pharmacopeial Standards: A Survey Of Key Stakeholders