Embarking on a new program of study is a big step, especially for those who have been out of school for many years. We understand your hesitation, and want help you to choose wisely, whether you decide to take a single course or a larger program of study. Our capable staff can help to develop a personalized program that will best serve your needs. Our students appreciate the flexibility that comes with courses that are offered on-site, by distance, or a blend that works for you.

New Undergrad Major and Minor!

You can take a single course

Unsure about whether you are ready for a graduate program? Need to brush up on only one topic? For qualified students it is easy to enroll for a single course, whether on-site or on-line. You do not need to be formally enrolled in a graduate program. We can typically enroll you up to two weeks before the course starts by simply filling out a form. Often, students considering Graduate Certificate or Master’s programs take a course or two to “try us out,” before committing to a graduate degree or certification program. All of these units can then be used later if you choose to go on to a graduate program here or elsewhere.  Click here to see our course descriptions.

You can receive a Graduate Certificate

Our Graduate Certificates are designed to increase your knowledge in certain areas key to medical product development. About four courses in length, each Graduate Certificate can stand alone as a true graduate endpoint, or can be rolled forward after completion into the Master’s or Doctoral program.

You can receive an Masters of Science degree

The Masters of Science is a significant milestone in your career development that ensures a comprehensive overview of regulatory tools and thinking. Course concentrations in Regulatory Science and the Management of Drug Development are available. Your MS program will be unique for you, with the flexibility to do at your pace and wherever you may live. Our newest Masters of Science in Medical Product Quality started Spring 2016!

You can receive a Doctoral degree

The DRSc program allows participants with strong industry experience and demonstrated academic performance to complete specialized high level studies focused on policy, research methods and global strategy. Often the program that follows an MS for students with superior aptitude, it can also be entered without MS background, with additional coursework as part of the mix of experiences.

So what path is right for you? If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our staff. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and tell you more about our programs.