International Study

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Medical products have a global reach. We understand that we must as well, in order to understand and connect beyond our borders to ensure a broad knowledge of global regulatory issues. We are doing this in three ways:

International Speakers, partnerships, and MOUs to enhance global interaction:

Over the past 2 years we have had individuals from the US FDA to the Japanese PMDA to the European Medicines Agency as speakers, and have growing relationships or memoranda of understanding with several organizations in Europe and Asia. See some of our recent interactions.

International Courses, including courses that travel to agencies and businesses overseas:

Of course we learn about global regulations in the classroom. But three of our doctoral courses have substantial travel components. In these courses, students learn but also contribute, by giving talks and participating in field activities such as plant visits and audits. Click HERE to find photo galleries of our international travel.

Internationalism in the Classroom

We attract students from all continents, and some of these take courses from their home countries using state-of-the-art multimedia distance formats. To see what they see when they take courses with us, check out this sample lecture.

International Research, Outreach and Education

USC Regulatory Science is the home to the D.K. Kim International Center for Regulatory Science!