Student Scholars

Fall 2012

  • Xiaochen (Amy) PENG
  • Yingwei (Vivi) WANG
  • Lan (Sophie) ZHENG

Spring 2013

  • Ming (Mindy) CHEN
  • Yikun (Beth) DU
  • Yuan (Lily) LI

Fall 2013

  • Na (Monica) JI
  • Yue (Pearl) LI
  • Wenjie (Jimmy) XU

 Spring 2014

  • Hong (Iris) WANG
  • Shuang (Lydia) XUE
  • Lili (Lily) ZHOU

Fall 2014

HongWangHong (Iris) WANG is a graduate student at China Pharmaceutical University majoring in social and administrative pharmacy under the supervision of Professor Feng Guozhong.  Her research focuses on pharmaceutical policies and regulations, as well as medical science and technology policy.  She hopes to expand her knowledge of pharmaceutical R & D cooperation in the US.

LydiaShuang (Lydia) XUE is a graduate student at China Pharmaceutical University, where she pursuing a master’s degree in pharmacoeconomics in the School of International Pharmaceutical Business.  She has a background in both economics and pharmaceutics which allows her to focus her research on health policies in the medical reform of China.  She is currently interested in the application of pharmacoeconomics in China’s public hospitals.

LilyLili (Lily) ZHOU is a second year master’s student in Pharmaceutical Economics in China Pharmaceutical University. Her research focuses on applying health economic models and econometric methods to healthcare and medicine. She has published articles about economic evaluation of human insulin and insulin analogues for diabetes treatment in China Pharmacy Journal.  She hopes to enhance her knowledge of global medical product regulation and clinical trial design.

 Spring-Summer 2015

Summer XU (Center), Jessie ZHU and Ray ZOU from China Pharmaceutical University.







IMG_1468_KwonSooKoreaKwan Soo Kim is a PhD candidate in regulatory science at Yonsei University College of Pharmacy, Korea and works as a scientific officer and reviewer at the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS), Biologics Division (formally Korea FDA).  Kwan Soo received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seoul National University College of Pharmacy.  Kwan Soo specializes in drug development and vaccine regulation and spent a year conducting research in our program.