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Drug Development

Drug development brings together chemical evolution, implementation of quality systems and testing in animals and people.  In this program, you will learn to manage various aspects of this complex path.  You and your peers will be equipped to deal with good laboratory and clinical processes, and to facilitate development of drugs from the perspective of project management.  Now you can still enjoy the intellectual challenge of science but in a different, more team oriented role.

The MS program in the Management of Drug Development (MDD) at USC is a novel degree program designed for students with a background in preclinical biological and pharmaceutical science.  It aims at producing entry- and mid-level practitioners with the knowledge and skills appropriate for professional practice in translational research, with particular emphasis on the area of transition between early stage preclinical drug discovery and clinical drug development. This area, commonly referred to as the “valley of death,” represents one of the most challenging and important areas in translational research yet programs designed to train and educate future translational science leaders are lacking.

This unique MS program builds on our Graduate Certificate in Preclinical Drug Development, and incorporates content from the MS in Regulatory Science program.  The major focus of the MS in Management of Drug Development is on the body of knowledge related to drug development at the preclinical level and its transition to the clinical level, with a strong emphasis on animal modeling and clinical aspects of drug development.  Notably, the program highlights the interdependence of medical, scientific, regulatory, and societal components required in modern translational research.  This program includes team-taught, interactive discussions of current issues, including issues of ethics and safety. The program is taught by USC faculty that are actively engaged in the drug discovery/development enterprise as well as by experts from industry. The program includes coursework delivered in nontraditional formats such as intensive weekend sessions, and uses distance learning capabilities present in the Regulatory Science program at USC to capture and webcast lectures and study materials.

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Daryl Davies, PhD
Associate Director, Education in Drug Development
Associate Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics & Policy