Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is composed of senior faculty within the Center and external advisors from industry and governments.


Frances Richmond, PhD
Director, Regulatory Programs and Clinical Professor of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoeconomic Economics and Policy
Expertise: Medical product development, international regulatory policy, animal and clinical trials

Ian Hutchinson, PhD DSc
Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics & Policy
Expertise: Regulations on transplantation therapies, immunogenetics, pharmacogenetics, graft survival

Stan Louie, PharmD
Associate Professor, Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics & Policy
Expertise: Drug development and regulation, clinical trials, biomarker development, viral disease, pharmacogenetics, early stage regulation

Gerald Loeb, MD
Director, Device Development and Engineering Laboratory
Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Pharmacy
Expertise: Device development, international regulations and commercialization of devices, clinical trials,  device regulatory experience

Enrique Cadenas, MD, PhD
Charles Crown Professor Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Expertise: International outreach, early stage drug development and translation, biologics

Roberta Brinton, PhD
R. Pete Vanderveen Endowed Chair in Therapeutic Discovery and Development Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Expertise: Development and regulation of natural products, biological early stage regulation and commercialization

The Board of Supervisors also includes a matching number of distinguished individuals from other universities as well as governmental and private sectors.

Nancy Singer, JD
President, Compliance Alliance

Robert Pacifici, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer – Drug Discovery & Development, CHDI Management / CHDI Foundation

Qiang Zheng, PhD
Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, College of Engineering Director, Center for Pharmaceutical Information and Engineering Reserach Director, Master’s Degree Program in International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management Peking University

Martin Solberg, DRSc
Global Vice President Regulatory Affiars, Genzyme Corp, a Sanofi Company

Michael Hamrell, PhD
President, Moriah Consultants
Adjunct Professor, Regulatory Science Program

Peter Lassoff, PharmD
Global Head & VP of Global Regualtory Affairs, Quintiles