International Center


The International Center for Regulatory Science was established in 2011 as a federation of activities, in which research, international outreach and education are central missions. Within the Center are located a number of programs including:

  • A graduate education program directed at Regulatory Science and the Management of Drug Development, that reports academically through the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Economics and Policy.
  • An international outreach and support program, that manages our international exchange and scholarship programs.
  • A research consortium with a focus on translational and regulatory research, with an affiliation to the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute in the Los Angeles Basin.
  • A regulatory consulting group, that assists faculty from USC and other academic partners with advice and education related to translational and regulatory questions.

The Center is housed on the first floor of the Center for Health Professionals where it serves as a hub, providing infrastructure and services to the participants in the Center.

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