Creating Better Tomorrows – “Patients Included” Event!

The Drug Information Association (DIA) 2020 Global Annual Meeting, designated “Patients Included” reflects DIA’s commitment to incorporating the experience of patients as experts in living with their condition while ensuring they are neither excluded nor exploited. Students from the USC Department of Regulatory Science Research Team are integrated with DIA’s overarching event goals as reflected in the work of Annie Ly, Christian Reyes, and Karen Chan who submitted digital abstracts and posters for DIA 2020.

Annie Ly’s work “Examination of FDA Pediatric Regulations: Inclusion of Pediatric Participants in Clinical Trials” examines the extent to which current FDA policies have impacted pediatric enrollment into clinical trials wherein proper dosage and labeling of medication for the pediatric population remains a serious public health challenge. Results illustrate the challenges and opportunities faced around the world for development of pediatric medications (including drugs used only by pediatrics or pediatrics and adults) that are plagued by small sample sizes, invalidated clinical endpoints, and limited studies. Please click here for Annie Ly’s handout.

Christian Reyes’ research “Plain Language Clinical Trial Result Summaries: Are Participants Getting it?” focuses on information presented to study participants must be patient-centered, free of jargon, understandable, non-technical and prepared in plain language. This initiative hopes to facilitate comprehensive and accessible information to the populations we study. Please click here for Christian Reyes’ handout.

Karen Chan’s work on “Utilization of Wearables and Trends in mHealth in current clinical research of neurologic conditions” delves deeper into healthcare aspects of the cloud as it increasingly shapes every aspect of clinical trials, including patient recruitment, data analytics, monitoring, and the extent that remote trials without site visits by patients are a real possibility. Please click here for Karen Chan’s handout.

Our student driven Research Team is mobilized across the life sciences to engage patients, peers and mentors on the issues of today and the possibilities for tomorrow.

Highlight posted on June 15, 2020