Technical FAQs

Viewing lectures online:

All our Spring 2020 graduate and undergrad courses are now being conducted online.

We are using the Zoom platform for live classes and discussions.

Sign in to your USC Zoom account BEFORE entering a meeting:  Note:  Do NOT click the “Join” or “Host” buttons, but only the “Sign in” button.Zoom logo


Go HERE for the latest Zoom tips and best practices for USC Users.

USC Zoom Training for students.

For more general info, click HERE for the Zoom Q&A page by USC IT Services.


The USC School of Pharmacy also uses the Panopto platform to record and view lectures and other videos.

Minimum system requirements for viewing lectures.

Check the speed of your connection.

Tips for best results:
  • Close all other programs before viewing a presentation.
  • If you have not restarted your computer, it’s a good idea to do so. Many technical issues during video streaming can be solved by simply restarting your system
  • Make sure you have your speakers or headphones on and system volume turned up. The presentation player itself also has a volume control in the browser window that you can turn up.
Panopto troubleshooting
Sample Panopto lecture recording


We also offer meetings using WebEx teleconferencing.

WebEx troubleshooting

Still need technical help?  For technical support, please email

Please describe your problem in complete detail, and include your name and contact information.  This will generate a trouble ticket with our support staff, and you will automatically receive a confirmation email.

Online lecture FAQs

When will the lecture videos become available online?

Videos will be posted within 24 Hours after the class ends.

How long will the videos remain available?

All course videos remain accessible through the end of the semester.

What if I cannot view a video file, or get an error that states “unable to find or open a specific video file?”

There are a couple reasons for getting an error message.  But first and foremost, try re-starting your computer!  Often this will fix many simple issues.

We strongly recommend you use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox browser,  We do NOT recommend Internet Explorer.  Safari on Mac is good too.

If you are using a computer at your company, their network may have a firewall that does not allow video through. Try contacting your company’s network administrator to confirm this. This may be the case if you can watch it from home, but not from a work computer.  Your system admin may be able to give you Proxy Server settings that can be changed in the Windows Media Player “Options” window, under the “Network” tab.  Otherwise, try a personal computer or mobile device that connects to the Internet via your home or cellular network.

If you have tried all of these solutions and you are still unable to view the video, contact technical support (see email address above).

Note: if you are viewing a live lecture, and need immediate help, click here to enter the live lecture support chat room. These are monitored by technicians during the live class ONLY, and can sometimes help you troubleshoot.

How do I control the video?

Play and pause the video using the video controls at the bottom of the main window. Jump to sections in the video by moving the scroll bar located below the video window. You can also click on a thumbnail at the bottom to jump to a particular area in the presentation.

Can I enlarge the video window?

Click the icons at the top right of the screen to switch the video and slide screens, or to make the main window full-screen.

Why do I have a lot of buffering or choppy audio/video?

– Your internet connection might be slower than our recommended minimum speed of at least 750Kbps. Make sure your system passes the speed tests, linked at the top of this page.

– Close all other programs and windows and browser tabs you may have running.

– Restart your computer.  Re-starting your system can often solve issues that come up.

– Try turning off any anti-spyware software that you may have running.