Breaking Barriers – Building Bridges: Clinical and Translational Science 2021

Translational Science 2021  (March 30 – April 2, 2021) transitioned into a virtual experience featuring a scientific program focused on breaking barriers and building bridges across clinical research and translational science. With the pandemic as a backdrop to our daily lives, Research Team students continued to reshape their world and told a thought-provoking story of research topics ranging from pediatric medicine, health access and equity, patient engagement and more! To follow this tale, click the student ePoster title links below.

Annie Ly: “Examining the Impact of BPCA: Promoting Pediatric Inclusion in Clinical Trials and Pediatric-Specific Drug Information”

Christian Reyes: “A Comprehensive Online Platform for Plain Language Summary Development”

Emily Donahue: “Barriers to Diabetes Technology in Low-Income Patients”

Highlight posted on April 3, 2021