Where are they now?

The purpose of the “Where are they now?” is to show how former USC Regulatory Science students are applying their degrees in a wide variety of professions in the Regulatory arena. It is important for future students to see positive reflections of themselves in the real world. Please see the below featured alumni from our programs.

We would love to add you to our rolling features so that your classmates can see where you are and what you’ve been up to. Just send us an email!

Featured Alumni

Alumni_Where_Picture1Polina Litmanovich

USC PharmD/MS RegSci, May 2010
Regulatory Specialist
Allergan Inc.

“The Regulatory Science program is incredible! I feel that understanding the biomedical basis of pharmaceutical development and the legal aspects of drug regulation is critical for developing a healthcare system that better serves our society.  The Regulatory Science Program has been vital to achieving my goals of improving pharmaceutical regulation policies and being a high-impact advocate for patients and the general public.”

Alumni_Where_Picture2Martin Solberg
MBA 1991, USC MS RegSci 2008, USC DRSc 2010
Global Vice President Regulatory Affairs
Genzyme Corporation Cambridge MA

“The Masters in Regulatory Affairs at USC provides a great framework to further develop your regulatory expertise with a global emphasis not just a US focus. The course work takes you well beyond medical product regulations. The clinical trial and quality assurance courses along with the current real world business emphasis makes the program valuable for any level of regulatory professional. The doctoral program takes you to the top tier of global regulatory expertise and equips you with global in country ministry of health insight that is invaluable to your ability to navigate the global regulatory environment. As a doctoral candidate you have the opportunity to work face to face with the highest level heath authority representatives in a setting that is just not available to regulatory professionals industry today. “

Alumni_Where_Picture3Rosanne Marie Yetemian
USC PhD/MS RegSci, Summer 2010
Regulatory Affairs and Research and Development / Regulatory Affairs Specialist
Abbott Medical Optics, Inc.

“The courses offered in the USC Regulatory Science program are very thorough, well-designed, and taught by industry experts. By offering weekend courses that are web-cast, it was possible for me to simultaneously complete both a PhD in Genetic, Molecular, and Cellular Biology and an MS in Regulatory Science. The experience I gained as a student in the program prepared me well for my current position at Abbott Medical Optics, Inc. The program is very fostering and focuses on building their students into strong candidates for professional careers. I am very proud to be one of its graduates.”

Alumni_Where_Picture4Michael Flores
USC MS RegSci, Summer 2008
Regulatory Specialist, Team Leader
Yonsei University Medical Device Development and Promotion Center, South Korea

“When you speak with others in industry, I think they take notice that you are able to discuss regulatory and product development with a little more depth and perspective. The program helps you think of regulatory in relation to the whole development process strategy and how regulations apply and affect the big picture, from beginning to end. You better understand development from a variety of roles within an organization, including legal, business, and clinical perspectives. With exposure to both medical device and pharmaceutical/biologics development, you can apply the unique perspectives of both worlds in your everyday experience. Participating in courses with people from a variety of industries, job functions, countries, and academic backgrounds is a great opportunity to learn from others and exchange ideas. I think without this unique educational opportunity and the support from people I‘ve met in the program, I wouldn’t have been as prepared and confident as I am today to tackle new and exciting regulatory challenges.”