Kristen Felthousen holds workshops on resumes and interviewing!

Kristen Felthousen hosted 2 professional development workshops for our summer regulatory science research students. One workshop focused on resumes and the other on interviewing. Kristen is an amazing resource for our students. We are so lucky to have her on our team!

More than Academics!

Summerfest is an opportunity for exchange of cultural ideas; in part by experiencing a U.S. university setting that provides a networking platform to engage like-minded fellow students.

Status and Trends, China’s Reimbursement Access Policy

On Thursday, July 25, Summerfest 2019 and the Department of Regulatory Sciences hosted Dr. Jinxi, Vice Dean and Professor of Social and Administrative Pharmacy in the School of International Pharmaceutical Business at China Pharmaceutical University as part of the research seminar series.

Fun and Educational: Nutrilite and Clinical Trials Unit Tours

Summerfest 2019 students were brimming with adventure for informative tours to round out their experience. A large group trekked to Buena Park where Nutrilite has been in operation for over 80 years. Other students stayed local and toured the USC Clinical Trials Unit.

Summerfest 2019, Student Presentations

Summerfest class curriculum incorporates student presentations as a professional development tool and an opportunity to learn and exchange experiences among the international cohort. Research topics were current, insightful and provided depth on global perspectives on topics ranging from orphan drugs, multi-region clinical trials, risk management, pharmacovigilance, gene therapy and generic drug approval, among others.

Los Angeles Summer, Sights and Sounds

On July 9th, our Summerfest students trekked to Griffith Observatory, arguably the most beloved Los Angeles landmark. Under warm skies, the students took in the sunset as the expansive carpet of city lights came to life.

Trojan Family Welcomes Summerfest Students to UPC

Summerfest is one of the many International Summer Programs at USC. While immersed in a leading regulatory science experience, Summerfest is also a cultural opportunity for international students to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a traditional American university campus in the midst of a large diverse and complex urban center.