MS in Regulatory Science



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The biomedical industry has grown rapidly, and this has fueled a large — and largely unmet — demand for regulatory professionals, both nationally and internationally. The USC Regulatory Science program arose to meet this growing need. “We desperately need a new generation of regulatory scientists, formulation engineers, GMP experts and reimbursement specialists,”says Professor Frances Richmond, PhD, director of the Regulatory Science Program and the International Center for Regulatory Science at the USC School of Pharmacy. “Without these experts, we hobble the competitiveness of our industry.”

As one of the nation’s oldest and largest regulatory science programs, our graduates are in great demand and are employed in industry, government, consulting and academia. Our alumni are leaders in a field designed to meet industry and governmental challenges in speeding up delivery of medical advances to people who need them, while ensuring that safety standards are met.

Courses are offered on weekends to accommodate working professionals. Students set their own pace, taking as many courses as they wish to take each semester.

Career support is offered to all students and alumni, including recruitment events, career fairs and regular distribution of job postings from companies nationally and internationally. Recruiters are aware of the reputation of our alumni, and are eager to hire our graduates.

Required Coursework

Core Competencies