Dr. Davies participates in collaboration with High School Teacher

Over this past summer, with support from the “Engineering Medical Therapeutics Technology-Research Experience for Teachers (EMT2-RET),” Dr. Daryl Davies (USC) teamed up with Ms. Mary Ann Ng (Science Teacher; Alliance Gertz-Ressler High School; Los Angeles, CA 90007) on a joint project that focused on introducing the concept of Good Research Practices (GRPs) to the high school classroom.

Good Research Practices (GRPs) are the basis of reliable, rigorous, and reproducible scientific data at all levels of research at the K-12, pre-clinical, and clinical levels. Building these scientific skills with GRP tools begins at the K-12 level. This large shift in curriculum opens up opportunities in exploring the ethics of research; which presents pathways to developing Research Ethics Programs that will be one crucial component of bridging the STEM pipeline from K-12 to university and beyond.