Welcome visiting scholars from China Pharmaceutical University

Photo of Students ZHENG Lan (Sophie), PENG Xiaochen (Amy), and WANG Yingwei (Vivi)

In an effort to promote academic partnerships between our schools, we will be welcoming visiting scholars (second and third year graduate students) from the School of International Pharmaceutical Business in China Pharmaceutical University. This partnership will give students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of regulatory affairs and experience firsthand American culture.

August 2012 -December 2012:  From left to right – Lan (Sophie) ZHENG , Xiaochen (Amy) PENG, and Yingwei (Vivi) WANG .

Photo of students CHEN Ming (Mindy), LI Yuan (Lily), and DU Yikun (Beth)

December, 2012 – May 2013: From left to right- Ming (Mindy) CHEN , Yuan (Lily) LI, and Yikun (Beth) DU.

August 2013-December 2013:


The current group of students arrived in January and will be with us through May.  Hong (Iris) WANG who is studying pharmaceutical policies and regulations as well as medical science and technology policy; Shuang (Lydia) XUE who brings a background in economics and pharmaceutics; and